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Alarca Collection

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Talavera de la Reyna was inaugurated in the year 2010. It is the headquarters of our "Alarca Collection " considered the most important in Latin America in this technique, where more than 70 artists from different disciplines have participated.

Alarca Collection... fruit of the interventions of various authors, the detailed work of the artisans and the passion of Angelica Moreno.

Angélica Moreno

Alarca collection

Alarca collection is called Alarca to the outcome of the process of oxidation that suffer the minerals that make up the frosting or glazing covering to the piece of clay. Historically Alarca is considered the first shape of glaze or glazing in the world.


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Tradition and Vanguard



"...our ALARCA COLLECTION selected pieces of art developed in Talavera by renowned artists: nationals and foreigners""