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Was born in 1990 having as objective to rescue
one of the most important handicraft processes
of Mexico and take it without being separated
from the tradition that dates from
the XVI century to its contemporaneity.

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Alarca Collection

"...our ALARCA COLLECTION selected pieces of art developed in Talavera by renowned artists: nationals and foreigners

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We invite you to know the experience
of the process in our workshop

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Learn more about the craft process of Talavera de la Reyna.

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Angélica Moreno

Angélica Moreno

Creativity and beauty are a passion of Angelica Moreno, who founded the workshop Talavera de la Reyna in 1990, its main objective being to preserve the millennial process of the talavera and bring it to its contemporaneity. For this reason, it decides to start its own brand and become a promoter of the certification of the designation of origin of the Talavera in Puebla.

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